Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Worry and Fear

reading day 31-A Jolt of Joy

Worry or fear can simply be defined as a lack of trust in the God Who loves you unconditionally and Who works all things together for your good. When you are consumed with worry, you are falsely believing that your problems are too big for even God to take care of. If you are filled with fear, you are mistakenly assuming that your sin is so great that even God cannot forgive you. If you are dealing with anxiety, you sadly and erroneously have convinced yourself that your life is so out of control that it is beyond God's power to bring order to your life.

If you are a compulsive worrier, you will never experience the joy that was meant to be yours. Worry and joy are mutually exclusive. Worry, in its rawest state, is a pathetic form of atheism. How does one overcome worry, fear and anxiety?

The Bible tells us that peace is a result of trusting God. Can you trust Him? Will you trust Him today? Will you declare, out loud, "Jesus, I trust You with my whole heart! I believe that nothing is impossible for You and that You have plans for good for my life!"

When you you saturate your mind and soul with the Word of God, you will be free from the fear of evil. When you confess Who God is and what He is able to accomplish in your life, it is then that anxiety, worry and fear will miraculously disappear. And what will be left in the place of those dreadful emotions? You will find yourself the blessed recipient of joy!

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